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Ordinarily, services proceed in the order presented here.  But it is possible (on a regular Shabbat) to take a break before the Musaf Service.  If there will be a lengthy break between the Torah-Reading and the Musaf service, the Torah is put away before the break.  On returning to the synagogue for Musaf, the congregation begins Musaf here, with Ashrei followed by Half-Kaddish.

ASHREI (includes Psalm 145)

[ Some congregations chant this responsively, Reader and congregation singing alternate sentences. ]

Ash-rei  Yo-sh'vei  vei-te-cha,
od  y'ha-l'lu-cha,  se-la.

Ash-rei  ha-am  she-ka-cha  lo,
ash-rei  ha-am  she-A-do-nai   e-lo-hav.

T'hi-lah  l'Da-vid:

A-ro-mim-cha  E-lo-hai  ha-me-lech,
va-a-va-r'cha  shim-cha  l'o-lam  va-ed.

B'chawl  yom  a-va-r'che-cha,
va-a-ha-l'la  shim-cha  l'o-lam  va-ed.

Ga-dol  A-do-nai  um-hu-lal  m'od,
v'lig-du-la-to  ein  chei-ker.

Dor  l'dor  y'sha-bach  ma-a-se-cha,
u-g'vu-ro-te-cha   ya-gi-du.

Ha-dar  k'vod  ho-de-cha,
v'di-vrei  nif-l'o-te-cha  a-si-cha.

Ve-e-zuz  no-r'o-te-cha  yo-mei-ru,
u-g'du-la-t'cha  a-sa-p're-na.

Zei-cher  rav  tu-v'cha  ya-bi-u,
v'tsid-ka-t'cha   y'ra-nei-nu.

Cha-nun  v'ra-chum  A-do-nai,
e-rech  a-pa-yim  ug-dal  cha-sed.

Tov  A-do-nai  la-kol,
v'ra-cha-mav al  kawl  ma-a-sav.

Yo-du-cha  A-do-nai  kawl  ma-a-se-cha,
v'cha-si-de-cha   y'va-r'chu-cha.

K'vod  mal-chu-t'cha  yo-mei-ru,
ug-vu-ra-t'cha   y'da-bei-ru.

L'ho-di-a  liv-nei  ha-a-dam  g'vu-ro-tav,
uch-vod  ha-dar  mal-chu-to.

Mal-chut'cha  mal-chut  kawl  o-la-mim,
u-mem-shal-t'cha  b'chawl  dor  va-dor.

So-mei-ch  A-do-nai  l'chawl  ha-no-f'lim,
v'zo-keif  l'chawl  ha-k'fu-fim.

Ei-nei  chol  ei-le-cha  y'sa-bei-ru,
v'a-ta  no-tein  la-hem,  et  ach-lam   b'i-to.

Po-tei-ach  et  ya-de-cha,
u-mas-bi-a l'chawl  chai  ra-tson.

Tsa-dik  A-do-nai  b'chawl  d'ra-chav,
v'cha-sid  b'chawl  ma-a-sav.

Ka-rov  A-do-nai  l'chawl  ko-r'av,
l'chol  a-sher  yi-kra-u-hu  ve-e-met.

R'tson  y'rei-av  ya-a-seh,
v'et  shav-a-tam,  yish-ma  v'yo-shi-eim.

Sho-meir  A-do-nai  et^kawl^ohavav,
v'eit  kawl^ha-r'sha-im  yash-mid.

T'hi-la  A-do-nai  y'da-ber pi,
vi-va-rei-ch kawl ba-sar sheim kawd-sho l'o-lam va-ed.

Va-a-nach-nu n'va-reich Yah,
mei-a-tah v'ad o-lam. Ha-l'lu-Yah.

This completes the Praise section of the Musaf service.  Before proceding to the half-kaddish that introduces the Amidah section of the Musaf service, we must finally part with the Torah.  (If there was no Torah-Reading for want of a minyan, skip to the Half-Kaddish.)   nadroj


This was deferred from the Torah-Reading Service.

The Reader takes the Torah.  Stand.

Y'ha-l'lu  et  sheim  A-do-nai,  ki   nis-gav  sh'mo  l'va-do.

Hodo Al Eretz

Ho-do  al^e-rets  v'sha-ma-yim
va-ya-rem  ke-ren  l'a-mo
t'hi-lah  l'chawl  cha-si-dav
li-v'nei  Yis-ra-eil  am  k'ro-vo

Procession --- Havu L'Adonai (Psalm 29)

Some congregational tunes are designed for the congregation to sing all of the Psalm together, while other tunes use the following pattern:

Miz-mor  l'Da-vid:
Ha-vu  La-do-nai  b'nei  ei-lim
Ha-vu  La-do-nai  ka-vod  va-oz
Ha-vu  La-do-nai  k'vod  sh'mo
Hish-ta-cha-vu  La-do-nai  b'had-rat  ko-desh.

Kol  A-do-nai  al  ha-ma-yim
Eil  ha-ka-vod,  hir-im,
A-do-nai  al  ma-yim  ra-bim.

Kol  A-do-nai  ba-ko-ach
Kol  A-do-nai  be-ha-dar.
Kol  A-do-nai  sho-veir  a-ra-zim
Va-y'sha-beir  A-do-nai  et^ar-zei  ha-L'va-non.

Va-yar-ki-deim  k'mo  ei-gel
L'va-non,  v'sir-yon
k'mo  ven^r'ei-mim.

Kol  A-do-nai  cho-tseiv  la-ha-vot  eish.
Kol  A-do-nai  ya-chil  mid-bar,
Ya-chil  A-do-nai  mid-bar  Ka-desh.
Kol  A-do-nai  y'cho-leil  a-ya-lot

va-ye-che-sof  y'a-rot
ku-lo,  o-meir  ka-vod.

A-do-nai  la-ma-bul  ya-shav
va-yei-shev  A-do-nai  me-lech  l'o-lam.
A-do-nai  oz  l'a-mo  yi-tein
A-do-nai  y'va-reich  et^a-mo  va-sha-lom.

The Torah is returned to the Ark

Uv-nu-cho  yo-mar:
Shu-va,  A-do-nai,  ri-va-vot  al-fei  Yis-ra-eil.
Ku-ma  A-do-nai  lim-nu-cha-te-cha,  a-tah  va-a-ron   u-ze-cha.
Ko-ha-ne-cha  yil-b'shu  tse-dek,  va-cha-si-de-cha   y'ra-nei-nu.
Ba-a-vur  Da-vid  av-de-cha,  al  ta-sheiv  p'nei  m'shi-che-cha.
Ki  le-kach  tov  na-ta-ti  la-chem,  to-ra-ti  al  ta-a-zo-vu.

Eits Chayim Hi

In many congregations, the congregation sings the rest of the prayer aloud together, starting here:  

Eits  cha-yim  hi
la-ma-cha-zi-kim  ba
v'to-m'chey-ha  m'u-shar.

D'ra-chey-ha,  dar-chei^no-am
v'chawl^n'ti-vo-te-cha  sha-lom.
Ha-shi-vei-nu  A-do-nai  ei-le-cha,  v'na-shu-va
cha-deish  ya-mei-nu  k'ke-dem.

The Ark is closed.  Remain standing for the Half-Kaddish, unless the congregation has deferred the Sermon and Announcements to this point. In that case, all will sit for the sermon, and rise again for the kaddish afterward.


Stand, except for some Sephardic congregations.

[ Some congregations treat this as a congregational half-kaddish, by chanting the purple text along with the Reader. ]  

Yit-ga-dal  v'yit-ka-dash  sh'mei  ra-ba,   (A-mein.)
b'al-ma  di-v'ra  chi-ru-tei,  v'yam-lich  mal-chu-tei
[  v'yats-mach  pur-ka-nei,  vi-ka-reiv   m'shi-chei.  (A-mein).  ]
b'chai-yei-chon  uv'yo-mei-chon
uv'chai-yei  d'chol  beit  Yis-ra-eil,
ba-a-ga-la  u-viz-man  ka-riv,


Y'hei  sh'mei  ra-ba  m'va-rach
l'a-lam  ul'al-mei  al-ma-ya.
  [ Yit-ba-rach ]

Yit-ba-rach  v'yish-ta-bach,
v'yit-pa-ar  v'yit-ro-mam  v'yit-na-sei,
v'yit-ha-dar  v'yit-a-leh  v'yit-ha-lal,  sh'mei  d'ku-d'sha,   b'rich hu,

(b'rich hu)      
 [Some Chassidic and Sefardic congregations say "A-mein"]
l'ei-la  min^kawl^bir-cha-ta  v'shi-ra-ta,
tush-b'cha-ta  v'ne-che-ma-ta,
da-a-mi-ran  b'al-ma,


Remain standing for the Amidah which follows.  

This completes the Praise section of the Shabbat Musaf service.  You can return to the beginning of this section, or proceed to the Amidah section, or go back to the Community Business (Haftarah, etc.) page.
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