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Repetition of the Amidah Print E-mail
All transliterations, commentary, and audio recordings are copyright © 1997, 1998, 2002, 2009, or 2016 by Jordan Lee Wagner. All rights reserved.


Ba-ruch  a-tah  A-do-nai,
E-lo-hei-nu,  Vei-lo-hei  a-vo-tei-nu,
E-lo-hei  Av-ra-ham,  E-lo-hei  Yitz-chak,  Vei-lo-hei  Ya-a-kov,
Ha-eil  Ha-Ga-dol  Ha-Gi-bor  v'Ha-No-rah  Eil  Eil-yon,
go-meil  cha-sa-dim  to-vim
v'ko-nei  ha-kol
v'zo-cheir  chas-dei  a-vot
u'mei-vi  go-eil  liv-nei  v'nei-hem
l'ma-an  sh'mo  b'a-ha-vah,

Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, insert:

Zach-rei-nu  l'chai-yim,  me-lech   cha-feits  ba-chai-yim,
v'chat-vei-nu  b'sei-fer  ha-chai-yim,  l'ma-an-cha   E-lo-him  chai-yim.

Me-lech  o-zeir   u'mo-shi-a  u-ma-gein.

Ba-ruch  a-tah  A-do-nai,
( Ba-ruch  hu  u-va-ruch  sh'mo! )
ma-gein  Av-ra-ham.
( A-mein. )


A-tah  gi-bur  l'o-lam,  A-do-nai
m'chai-yei  mei-tim  a-tah  rav  l'ho-shi-a,

Between Sukkot and Pesach say: 

ma-shiv   ha-ru-ach  u-mo-rid
  <   ha-ga-shem   |   ha-ge-shem  >

[ At other times, Nusach Sfard congregations say:   mo-rid  ha-tal  ]

[ Many congregations sing along with the Reader starting here ]

m'chal-keil  cha-yim  b'che-sed
m'cha-yei  mei-tim  b'ra-cha-mim  ra-bim
so-meich  no-f'lim  v'ro-fei  cho-lim
u-ma-tir  a-su-rim
um-ka-yeim  e-mu-na-to  li-shei-nei  a-far
mi  cha-mo-cha  ba-al  g'vu-rot
u-mi  do-me  lach
me-lech  mei-mit  u-m'chai-ye  u-matz-mi-ach  y'shu-a,

Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, insert:

Mi cha-mo-cha,  Av  Ha-Ra-cha-man,   zo-cheir  y'tsu-rav  l'chai-yim  b'ra-cha-mim.

[ If singing along, the congregation stops here ]

v'ne-e-man  a-tah  l'ha-cha-yot  mei-tim

Ba-ruch  a-tah  A-do-nai,
( Ba-ruch  hu  u-va-ruch  sh'mo! )
m'cha-yei  ha-mei-tim.
( A-mein. )


recited only by Sephardic and Chassidic congregations
recited only by Ashkenazic congregations
{ Curly brackets surround text included by only some congregations (of either type). }

Sephardic and Chassidic rite:

The congregants chant the following paragraph independently, which is repeated by the Reader:  

Ke-ter  yit-nu  l'cha,  A-do-nai   E-lo-hei-nu,
ma-la-chim  ha-mo-nei  ma-'la,
im  am-cha  Yis-ra-eil  k'vu-tsei  ma-ta.

The congregants chant the following paragraph independently, which is repeated by the Reader:  

Ya-chad  ku-lam  k'du-shah  l'cha  y'sha-lei-shu,
ka-da-var  ha-a-mur  al  yad  n'vi-e-cha
v'ka-ra  zeh  el  zeh  v'a-mar:
Ashkenazic rite:

The congregants chant the following paragraph independently, which is repeated by the Reader:  

Na-a-ri-ts'cha  v'nak-di-sh'cha,
k'sod  si-ach  sar-fei  ko-desh,
ha-mak-di-shim  shim-cha  ba-ko-desh,
Ka-ka-tuv,  al  yad  n'vi-e-cha:
v'ka-ra  zeh  el  zeh  v'a-mar:

Ka-dosh!  Ka-dosh!  Ka-dosh! xxx[Lift heels three times]
A-do-nai  ts'va-ot
m'lo  kawl^ha-a-rets  k'vo-do.
xxx[Reader repeats this paragraph]

The congregants chant the following paragraph independently, which is repeated by the Reader:  

K'vo-do  ma-lei  o-lam,
m'sha-r'tav  sho-a-lim  zeh  la-zeh,
a-yei  m'kum  k'vo-do l'ha-a-ri-tso.
L'u-ma-tam ba-ruch   yo-mei-ru m'sha-b'chim  v'om-rim :

Ba-ruch  ka-vod  A-do-nai  mi-m'ko-mo.   [Reader repeats this]

Mi-m'ko-mo  hu  yi-fen b'ra-cha-mim   b'ra-cha-mav  l'a-mo ,
v'ya-chon  am  ha-m'ya-cha-dim  sh'mo;
e-rev  va-vo-ker,  b'chawl^yom  ta-mid,
pa-a-ma-yim  b'a-ha-va  sh'ma  om-rim:

Sh'ma  Yis-ra-eil,  A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-nu,   A-do-nai  e-chad.   [ Reader repeats this ]

Hu  E-lo-hei-nu,  hu  A-vi-nu,   hu  Mal-kei-nu,  hu  Mo-shi-ei-nu,
v'hu yo-shi-ei-nu  v'yi-ga-lei-nu  shei-nit,   v'-
yash-mi-ei-nu  b'ra-cha-mav  shei-nit  l'ei-nei   kawl  chai lei-mor:
Hein  g'al-ti  et-chem  a-cha-rit  k'rei-shit,
Li-h'yot  la-chem  Lei-lo-him,

A-ni  A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-chem.

Uv-div-rei  kawd-sh'cha  ka-tuv  lei-mor:

Yim-loch  A-do-nai  l'o-lam,
e-lo-ha-yich  Tsi-on
l'dor  va-dor,  Ha-l'lu-Yah.
 xxx [ Reader repeats this paragraph ]

Sephardic and Chassidic rite:  

A-tah  ka-dosh,
v'shim-cha  ka-dosh,
u-k'do-shim  b'chawl-yom 
       y'ha-l'lu-cha  se-lah.

{ Ki  Eil  me-lech  ga-dol   v'ka-dosh  a-ta. }

Ashkenazic rite:  

L'dor  va-dor  na-gid  gad-le-cha,
ul-nei-tsach  n'tsa-chim 
       k'du-sha-t'cha  nak-dish,
v'shiv-cha-cha  E-lo-hei-nu 
       mi-pi-nu  lo  ya-mush  l'o-lam  va-ed,
ki  Eil  me-lech  ga-dol  v'ka-dosh  a-ta.

Ba-ruch  a-tah  A-do-nai   ( Ba-ruch  hu  u-va-ruch  sh'mo! )
ha-eil  ha-kadosh.
  ( A-mein. )



[ Sefardic text in square brackets ]
{ curly brackets surround text included by some and not others }

Ti-kan-ta  Sha-bat  ra-tsi-ta   kawr-b'no-te-ha,
Tsi-vi-ta  pei-ru-she-ha  im  si-du-rei  n'sa-che-ha,
M'a-n'ge-ha  l'o-lam  ka-vod  yin-cha-lu,
to-a-me-ha  cha-yim  za-chu,
V'gam  ha-o-ha-vim  d'va-re-ha,  g'du-la  ba-cha-ru.

Az  mi-si-nai,  nits-ta-vu-u   { a-le-ha } ,
[   tsi-vu-i  pa-a-le-ha  ka-ra-u-i,   ]
va-t'sa-vei-nu,  A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-nu,  l'hak-riv  ba,
kawr-ban  mu-saf  sha-bat,  ka-ra-u-i.
Y'hi  ra-tson  mi-l'fa-ne-cha,  A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-nu   vei-lo-hei  a-vo-tei-nu,
She-ta-a-lei-nu  v'sim-cha,  l'ar-tsei-nu  v'ti-ta-ei-nu   bi-g'vu-lei-nu,
V'sham  na-a-seh  l'fa-ne-cha
et  kawr-b'not  cho-vo-tei-nu,
T'mi-dim  k'sid-ram,  u-mu-sa-fim  k'hi-l'cha-tam,
V'et  mu-saf  yom  ha-sha-bat  ha-zeh,
na-a-seh,  v'nak-riv  l'fa-ne-cha,
b'a-ha-va,  k'mits-vat  r'tso-ne-cha,
k'mo  she-ka-tav-ta  a-lei-nu  b'to-ra-te-cha
Al  y'dei  Mo-she,  av-de-cha,  mi-pi  ch'vo-de-cha,
Uv-yom  ha-sha-bat,  sh'nei  ch'va-sim  b'nei  sha-na   t'mi-mim,
U-sh'nei  es-ro-nim  so-let,  min-cha,  b'lu-la  va-she-men,  v'nis-ko.
O-lat  sha-bat  b'sha-ba-to;  Al  o-lat  ha-ta-mid,   v'nis-ka.


The congregation sometimes sings along with parts of this paragraph:

Yis-m'chu  v'mal-chu-t'cha  sho-m'rei  sha-bat  v'ko-r'ei  o-neg,
am  m'ka-d'shei  sh'vi-i,
ku-lam  yis-b'u  v'yit-a-n'gu  mi-tu-ve-cha,
u-va-sh'vi-i  ra-tsi-ta  bo  v'ki-dash-to,
chem-dat  ya-mim  o-to  ka-ra-ta,  zei-cher  l'ma-a-sei  v'rei-shit.

R'tsei Vim'nuchateinu:

The congregation sometimes sings along with parts of this paragraph.

E-lo-hei-nu vei-lo-hei a-vo-tei-nu,
[ na ] vim-nu-cha-tei-nu.
Ka-d'shei-nu b'mitz-vo-te-cha,
v'tein chel-kei-nu b'to-ra-te-cha.
Sa-b'ei-nu mi-tu-ve-cha,

< v'sa-m'chei-nu | v'sa-mach naf-shei-nu > bi-shu-a-te-cha,
v'ta-heir li-bei-nu
l'awv-d'cha be-e-met.
V'han-chi-lei-nu, A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu,
b'a-ha-va uv'ra-tson
Sha-bat kawd-she-cha,
v'ya-nu-chu vo
[ kol ]
m'ka-d'shei sh'me-cha.

Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai,
( Ba-ruch hu u-va-ruch sh'mo! )
m'ka-deish ha-Sha-bat.
( A-mein. )


R'tsei,  A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-nu,
b'a-m'cha  Yis-ra-eil
  < u-vit-fi-la-tam.   |   v'li-t'fi-la-tam  sh'ei. >
V'ha-sheiv  et-ha-a-vo-dah  lid-vir  bei-te-cha.
V'i-shei  Yis-ra-eil  ut'fi-la-tam
  [   m'hei-rah   ]   b'a-ha-va   t'ka-beil  b'ra-tson.
U-t'hi  l'ra-tson  ta-mid  a-vo-dat  Yis-ra-eil  a-me-cha.

A paragraph is inserted here on Rosh Chodesh, and on the intermediate days of Festivals.

V'te-che-ze-na  ei-nei-nu  b'shu-v'cha,   l'Tsi-on  b'ra-cha-mim.

Ba-ruch  a-tah  A-do-nai,
( Ba-ruch  hu  u-va-ruch  sh'mo! )
ha-ma-cha-zir  sh'chi-na-to  l'Tsi-on.
( A-mein. )


The Reader and the congregation recite different texts simultaneously:
The Reader: The Congregation:
[Bow on "Modim", arise on "Adonai"]

Mo-dim  a-nach-nu  lach,
sha-a-tah  hu,  A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-nu,
vei-lo-hei  a-vo-tei-nu
l'o-lam  va-ed.
Tsur  cha-yei-nu,  ma-gein  yish-ei-nu
a-tah  hu  l'dor  va-dor.
No-deh  l'cha  un'sa-peir  t'hi-la-te-cha
al  cha-yei-nu  ha-m'su-rim  b'ya-de-cha
v'al  nish-mo-tei-nu  ha-p'ku-dot lach
v'al  ni-se-cha  she-b'chawl  yom  i-ma-nu
v'al  nif-l'o-te-cha  v'to-vo-te-cha,
she-b'chawl  eit,
e-rev  va-vo-ker  v'tsa-ha-ra-yim.
Ha-tov,  ki  lo  cha-lu  ra-cha-me-cha
ki  lo  ta-mu  cha-sa-de-cha,
mei-o-lam  ki-vi-nu lach.
[Bow on "Modim", arise on "Adonai"]

Mo-dim  a-nach-nu  lach,
sha-a-tah  hu,  A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-nu,
vei-lo-hei  a-vo-tei-nu,
E-lo-hai  chawl  ba-sar,  yo-ts'rei-nu,
yo-tseir  b'rei-shit.
B'ra-chot  v'ho-da-ot,
l'shim-cha  ha-ga-dol  v'ha-ka-dosh,
al  she-he-che-yi-ta-nu
Kein  t'cha-yei-nu  ut-ka-y'mei-nu,
V'te-e-sof  ga-lu-yo-tei-nu,
l'chats-rot  kad-she-cha,
lish-mor  chu-ke-cha,
v'la-a-sot  r'tso-ne-cha
ul-av-d'cha  b'lei-vav  sha-leim
al  she-a-nach-nu  mo-dim  lach.
Ba-ruch  eil  ha-ho-da-ot.

[An extra paragraph is inserted here on Chanukah and on Purim.]

V'al  ku-lam,  yit-ba-rach  v'yit-ro-mam   shim-cha
Mal-kei-nu,  ta-mid  l'o-lam  va-ed.
Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, insert:

Uch-tov  l'chai-yim  to-vim  kawl  b'nei  v'ri-te-cha.

V'chol  ha-cha-yim  yo-du-cha  se-la
vi-ha-l'lu  et-shim-cha  be-e-met,
[   l'o-lam  ki  tov,   ]
ha-eil  y'shu-a-tei-nu  v'ez-ra-tei-nu  se-la.
  [ ha-Eil  ha-tov. ]

[ Bend knees on "ba-ruch", bow on "a-tah". ]

Ba-ruch  a-tah  A-do-nai,
( Ba-ruch  hu  u-va-ruch  sh'mo! )
ha-tov  shim-cha
ul'cha  na-e  l'ho-dot.
( A-mein. )


BIRKAT KOHANIM (The Priestly Blessing):

E-lo-hei-nu  v'e-lo-hei  a-vo-tei-nu,
ba-r'chei-nu  va-b'ra-cha  ha-m'shu-le-shet
ba-torah,  ha-k'tu-vah  al y'dei  Mo-she  av-de-cha,
ha-a-mu-ra  mi-pi  A-ha-ron  u-va-nav,
ko-ha-nim  am  k'do-she-cha  ka-a-mur:

Y'va-re-ch'cha  A-do-nai  v'yish-m're-cha.
    Kein  y'hi  ra-tson.
Ya-eir  A-do-nai  pa-nav  ei-le-cha   vi-chu-ne-cha.
    Kein  y'hi  ra-tson.
Yi-sa  A-do-nai  pa-nav  ei-le-cha,   v'ya-seim  l'cha  sha-lom.
    Kein  y'hi  ra-tson.

SIM SHALOM(Grant Peace):

[Some congregations sing along with parts of Sim Shalom]

Sim  sha-lom  to-va  uv-ra-cha,
[ cha-yim, ]   chein  va-che-sed  v'ra-cha-mim,
a-lei-nu  v'al  kawl  Yis-ra-eil  a-me-cha.
Ba-r'chei-nu  a-vi-nu,  ku-la-nu  k'e-chad,   b'or  pa-ne-cha.
ki  v'or  pa-ne-cha  na-ta-ta  la-nu,   A-do-nai  E-lo-hei-nu,
To-rat  cha-yim  v'a-ha-vat  che-sed,
uts-da-ka  uv-ra-cha  v'ra-cha-mim,  v'cha-yim  v'sha-lom.
  [ yi-h'yeh ]   b'ei-ne-cha   [ l'va-r'chei-nu   u- ]l'va-reich  et  a-m'cha  Yis-ra-eil
b'chawl  eit  uv-chawl  sha-ah  bish-lo-me-cha
[ b'rov  oz  v'sha-lom ].

Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, insert:
B'sei-fer  chai-yim  b'ra-cha  v'sha-lom,  u-far-na-sah  to-vah,
ug-zei-rot  to-vot,  y'shu-ot  v'ne-cha-mot,  n'za-cheir   v'ni-ka-teiv  l'fa-ne-cha,
a-nach-nu  v'chawl  a-m'cha  beit  Yis-ra-eil,  l'chai-yim  to-vim  ul-sha-lom.

Ba-ruch  a-tah  A-do-nai,
( Ba-ruch  hu  u-va-ruch  sh'mo! )
ha-m'va-reich  et  a-mo  Yis-ra-eil
( A-mein. )

This completes the Amidah section of the Shabbat Musaf service.  You can return to the beginning of the Repetition, or proceed to the Closing section.
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